The Cannabis Business

Illegal goods and services are a lot more profitable than legal ones if you can structure the market to keep the inevitable legal costs manageable.

In free-markets, the better something is for consumers and business startups, the worse it is for the establish businesses. That's the vital counter-balance competition provides. Without it, business stagnates into a few mega-companies that work in sync to inflate prices and minimize cost by minimizing quality.

Eventually, it becomes so unbearable that enough entrepreneurs join with consumers in rebelling.

If the government leans towards the totalitarian model, it's usually beholden to established business and so attempts suppression, resulting in violence.

More democratic governments like ours elect more liberal, consumer/entrepreneur sympathetic representatives who pass laws that rein-in the worse business excesses. Healthy competition is thus restored without violence.

It's good to see the first glimmers of that on the horizon.

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