"ibuprofen is the safest of the NSAIDs", IIF tells FDA in 2002
Having severe acid-reflux (GERD) for years along with numerous other ailments, I've struggled to formulate a combination of diet and medications that can happily coexist. In that adventure, and contrary to most medical advise, prescription (Rx) strength (800mg) ibuprofen has consistently proven the easiest on my digestive system, while being far more effective at pain relief than aspirin or acetaminophen.

Surprisingly, I've also found the 800mg Rx tablet to be a great deal less irritating than even the 200mg OTC ibuprofen. Perhaps due to its slower, "time-release" rate? The 200mg tablets are instead optimized for "fast acting" so they dump a higher concentration of the drug into the stomach at one time.

While researching this recently in relation to children''s liquid acetaminophen, which I'd observed causing vomiting, whereas the children's liquid ibuprofen did not, I ran across this submission to the FDA by the International Ibuprofen Foundation (IIF). Obviously, IIF is a very biased source so take that into consideration. However, this isn't exactly advertising copy either since it's an official submission to the FDA and so found on the website.

( click on the table for the full paper )

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