What are all you people doing here?

The Pearly Gates (Wieskirche Gates)
Wieskirche Gates
"What are all you people doing here?" said God as he stood barring the Pearly Gates.

"Why didn't you save us?" said the multitudes before him.

God replied...

"I sent you my son so you'd learn the nobility of self sacrifice. You didn't.

"I sent you Ebola so you'd learn compassion for those you feared. You didn't.

"I sent you AIDS so you'd learn humility that such things could happen to those you loved. You didn't.

"I sent you terrorism so you'd learn that oppression by the few will always be overthrown by the many. You didn't.

"I sent you climate change so you'd learn to wisely recycle your waste lest nature do it for you... most harshly. You didn't.

"I sent you these things and many more, that your souls might be saved."

"So. Can we go in now?" a man asked.

God replied, "What do you think?"

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