Charlie Crist for Governor

Former (Republican) Governor Charlie Crist has come over from "the dark side" and is running to be our next (Democratic) Governor. Want to help him out?

With the massive unlimited money that the Koch Brothers and other Republicans are already throwing behind incumbent Rick Scott, "the odds are against us, and the situation is grim."

But times have changed dramatically. My generation still gets most of their info from TV, and so will be saturated with millions of dollars of highly polish and cleverly deceptive anti-Crist propaganda. And there's a lot of us in Florida.

But younger generations (and a smattering of us old farts) recognize that there's a lot more truth on the Internet... and we've learned how to find it. We've learned to distinguish truth from the Internet's abundance of unsubstantiated opinion and undeclared fiction. That gives us an edge.

Koch and company are trying to buy votes, as they just did in the 13th District defeat of Democrat Alex Sink. Their base is made up of diligent voters. Our base is not. So they have the advantage of money and participation.

What we have truth, honesty, compassion, thoughtfulness, empathy for all and...

... we still believe we can make a difference

... we still believe that tomorrow can be better than today

... we still believe that WE can be better tomorrow than we are today.

The history of our country is replete with dramatically outspent candidates that won. Money does not necessarily buy votes. We must remember that...

WE, together, are the government.

WE, together, own this country.

WE, together, decide what is right and wrong.

But WE have let our representatives become our masters.

And WE have the authority and the responsibility to set things right.

We must try. For even if we fail, our efforts inspire others to try again.

Sound like fun?

I'm not affiliated with the Crist campaign in any way. I can't help in person they way they need but will keep writing in support of Charlie Crist for Governor -- robert "docsalvage" watson

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