Patching Java is Futile

How to turn off Java in your browser - and why you should do it now
Roger Grimes, InfoWorld's resident security expert, says in his latest column... "Patching has failed, so it's time for Java to go".

I couldn't agree more!

Having programmed in a lot of languages, I've studied and tried to use Java, but have just never warmed up to it.

At the end of the day, there were always more productive ways to implement the functionality with greater reliability than Java.

Java may be the kind of environment that's useful for very large projects with many developers the way COBOL and Ada are, but it has high development overhead (lots of coding to accomplish little) and resistance to maintainability (updates usually break the dependant applications).

Roger notes that the latest versions have greatly improved things.

But I can't imagine anyone running mission-critical systems would risk upgrading their Java engine without management commitment to extensive testing and allocation of major dollars for the almost guaranteed application upgrades and changes that will be required.

It's just not worth it.

Let's move on.

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