Batman Begins

The fifth Batman film, Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan captures the heart of the Batman saga that the previous films missed. Batman, like most good storytelling, is about us. Our fears, our foibles. Our dreams and our nightmares. Three messages stand out:

  • Have Faith In Each Other
    Michael Caine, as Bruce Wayne's paternalistic butler Arthur, masterfully hammers this message home throughout the story. Through word and deed, Arthur continually reassures Wayne that he'll never give up on him no matter what. This faith carries Wayne through some of his darkest moments of doubt.

  • Compassion Is What Separates Good From Evil
    When mentor Henri Ducard (Leam Neeson) insists that Wayne must be willing to kill decisively and without remorse if he is to defeat evil, he refuses. He instead insists that compassion is the defining difference between Good and Evil.

  • Revenge Is Not Justice
    While Ducard tries to convince Wayne of the righteousness of vengeance for the murder of his parents, ADA Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes) admonishes Wayne, "Justice is about harmony; vengeance is about making yourself feel better".

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