Interview with Michael Tiemann, open source pioneer

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via Bryan Behrenshausen (Red Hat) at on 05 Aug 2014

"There are many who have tried to bring the zero-sum game concepts to the open source community," Tiemann says. "They want to wall off some piece of technology, at least from a positioning point of view. They want to force everybody into that particular worldview."
Fascinating interview. Fascinating concepts… for software development (as well as finance)…

“Picture a bank, he said, that pays to every one of its patrons an amount of interest based on the sum of all the money it contains.

"In the conventional world, a bank pays interest based on the amount of money that’s deposited. But imagine a bank where no matter how much you deposit, the bank pays interest on the sum total of all the assets to which you make the deposit. So if a whole bunch of my friends all put money into a communal bank account, and then we all get paid the total interest on that sum total, how attractive is that?”

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