Ezra Klein... the future of journalism

(Photo: Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos/New York Magazine)

What is the extraordinary Ezra Klein up to? Here, Let Ezra Explain

There are a lot of us... even old-timers like me, who can see that what  Ezra is doing is the future of journalism.

Mr. Klein grew up with The Internet. It's as familiar and natural to him as television is to the generation before him (mine). What makes him special, is that he has consciously chosen to mine "traditional" journalism for lessons that can be applied to the new medium. Why? It seems, Mr. Klein is never satisfied to accept that things "just are."

Ezra Klein appears to eternally ask, "Why are they?"

Why do older people (most, at least) not see how The Internet differs from print and how those differences allow it to better inform, better contextualize and better educate? (Example: disparaging comments about Wikipedia)

Why do younger people (most at least) not see how print and television journalism have developed disciplines to counter the dangers of misinformation, hyperbole and "being played" that are ever-present in any attempt to inform. (Example: "Don't trust anyone over 30.")

I've had a permanent Google news search for WonkBlog on my own blog (shameless plug... for some time but I now have it set to "EzraKlein."

I look forward to being truly informed.

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