Syria - There's a third option

Everything you need to know about Syria’s chemical weapons
How to stop Syria's use of chemical weapons?

Bombing Syria would be counterproductive. Given the alternatives for Assad, nothing we do will deter him. Any bombing that significantly degraded Syria's ability to deploy chemical weapons is likely to result in their release or falling into the hands of people just as dangerous.

Doing nothing would result in greater use of chemical weapons by Assad and other regimes in the future.

But there is another way...

Syria has probably the most westernized military in the region. That also means (to steal a great line) "They can't take a dump without a plan." These days, that means an electronic plan.

Let's just say that I'm convinced we have the ability reduce Assad's military capability to something much closer to the opposition's... without directly killing a single person.

That's the kind of response that looks most effective to me.

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