Patient, Heal Thyself

Meet the GynePunks Pushing the Boundaries of DIY Gynecology, August 21, 2015

With information no longer sequestered by the privileged few, perhaps we are on the precipice of unprecedented progress.

Those that have a need are increasing able to "do for themselves" like this. No longer must they wait passively for a capitalist to imagine a profitable solution to fill that need.

Because they are the ultimate judge of "good enough" for themselves, they can judge the value of a limited solution instead of waiting, perhaps forever, for the "perfect" solution.

My first thought on reading this was, "What about the lack of sterilization of these plastic implements?" Though I'm sure they are far less uncomfortable than cold stainless steel, the later is used cause it can be sterilized. Plastic cannot. (At least not to the degree we've come to expect in modern medicine.)

Then it occurred to me that tampons, douches, toys and "those other things" are not sterile, so why do speculums need to be sterile? A thorough cleaning between uses should be sufficient.

If the privileged insist on hoarding all the traditional resources, then we've no choice but to fend for ourselves.

In the mid-1700s, Britain ruled its colonies much like American business rules our country today. There comes a point where the hardships of going it alone are more tolerable than a futile struggle to live on the crumbs that slip between the fingers of opulent barons.

GynePunks are but the beginning.

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